Monday, November 23, 2009

Week End Stuff

I hope you all were able to enjoy the weather I did this week end. We went for a walk yesterday and I was able to comfortable where a sweater and sneakers. This time last year, I believe we had a foot of snow. I'll take this winter any day. I do enjoy the winter season, but only for a month or so. After that, I'm tired of pushing my truck out of the parking spot in the morning because of the snow and ice. I also do not really care for sub zero wind that seems to suck the breath right out of you.
I watched quite a few movies this week end as well as a few of the series that I am addicted to. I finally couldn't wait any longer and wanted to see what the fuss was all about with regards to Twilight. Alright. I can see the draw. It had a good story. The characters were charming. I was suckered into the hype. I have to read the books now. I've added them to my Amazon wish list along with the Sookie Stakehouse books on which True Blood are based. I also watch My Bloody Valentine. I'm not going to recommend this one. I will say that it was a simply horror story that caught my attention for an hour or so. Because the plot was somewhat predictable, I was able to work on these:

I'm not really sure what I think of this pattern. It is called Mauresque Socks. I am knitting them because of the Pentathlon Sock group from Ravelry has introduced them. I like the idea. It does have a pleasing look. I think I am just put off because of the few mistakes in the chart. If it were not for the Yahoo group, I think I would still be swearing at them. What I am really enjoying is the yarn I'm working with. It is so soft. It also stripes up. The striping is not very noticeable at first. I just realized it did after I looked at the pictures I took online. That was a pleasant surprise.

There really is not much else going on in my little world. I'm just watching a lot of television and working on my little projects. I find I always mellow out around this time of year. It may be that because of all the illness that travels around. I personally think it's because of the shorter days. I drive from work home in the dark now. That is depressing. At lease I can keep myself amused.

I hope you are all well. Talk with you later.

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