Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A New Venture?

I was involved in a discussion in a chat room type of thing a few days ago. The topic gradually switched to art. This was a very nice change as some of you who frequent chat rooms can well imagine. To make a potentially long story short, a gentleman was looking for people to draw their interpretations of the constellations. I chose Andromeda, The Chained Maiden.

Lesson 1. Be very specific when you are googling for information.

This is my very rough draft of my concept. As you can see, she is lacking a hand. There is also a weird stain by the leg.
Lesson 2. Make sure coffee is out of reach of cat.

Napoleon was closely supervising the work detail. There is progress. This time yesterday, she did not have a head.
I also spent the better part of the day taking pictures of my foot to help me gain a perspective on proportion. Which brings us to:
Lesson 3. Enlist the help of a photographer for my next picture.


We never discussed any monetary value for this work. If the gentleman likes my work, then cool. If not, then that is OK too. I will call it a practice run to get myself back into my craft. I noticed my pencils were dusty and that saddens me. I need to draw more.

I have also been working on my sock for the SKP International group on Ravelry.

I am really loving this. It appeals to my need for instant gratification. The pattern is already evident and I am looking forward to see how the heel will work with it.

Did anyone watch the premiere of America's Next Top Model? I cannot tell who the possible winner for this cycle will be. I was a bit disappointed with who they sent home. I was routing for another young lady to go home. I won't say who because I do not want to spoil it for anyone. I know there are a lot of people out there who watch television very similar to me, long after the fact.
I'm going to head bed now. I'm not feeling 100%. It must be my body telling me to pay attention and take better care of myself.
So, good night everyone. the week end is almost here.

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