Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Strongly Dislike This Time of Year

Just when I get used to the idea of seeing the sun when I leave work, the greater number of society has decided to play a game with my mind and move the time and space continuum ahead one hour. That is just plain mean.
Enough of that now.

Another lesson was learned this week end.

equals this:

Someone, and I am not naming any names cannot dabble in the spirit and follow a chart. It is a good thing I enjoy this little hobby of mine, or I would be persuaded to freak out a little bit.

I do however, have a success story to share with all of you. A little sweater is almost off the sticks. I just need to get to some seaming! Now that I have procured a tapestry needle, this should be finished any day now.

I'm off to try and settle down a bit so I can attempt to sleep. I hope the rest of you were not put out by the time change. If it is any consolation, Spring has almost arrived, maybe.
Good night everyone.

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