Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where Did It Go?

That was a very quick week end. It was also a chilly one. Just think.....another month and maybe we can start thinking about dressing in less layers. Until that time comes, I will have my woollies to wear.
It was a busy little week end for us. Napoleon tried to accompany the husband to the gym. I think he is a brave little cat to take up residence in there:

I also caved and bought some tapestry needles:

I have some finished projects to show as a result of said purchase:
The Mod Mitts:

And my bordello Sea Wool Socks:

I cannot just walk into a yarn shop and come home with only tapestry needles, so this sort of jumped into my arms as well:

We watched a few movies this week end.One was Sex Drive with Seth Green. The other was The Orphanage, a Spanish horror film.

To go with the films, we shared a bottle of wine:

Today we were off to a late start,well, OK, I was off to a late start. When I was finally sorted, we walked over to the parents for a nice supper.
My sneakers going out for a walk:

We had a very good appetizer of cheddar, cracker, and hot pepper jelly. It's my favourite. Actually, anything with cheese is my favourite.

It was a very chilly walk home. Even our shadows are chilled.

My sneakers finally had a chance to rest and watch the in home version of animal planet.

I don't even want to know what they do when we are not at home.

Happy March everyone. It is time for me to settle down so I can try to sleep before work.


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