Sunday, September 28, 2008

OK, I'm Sorry :(

It would appear I owe my printer an apology. In return, I shall speak sternly with my media player. Apparently, that is where my dispute lies. I was finally able to extract my pictures from the memory card.
Here is the snack I was looking forward to:


Awesome cookies baked by the half naked man in the kitchen:

Yea cookies!

It was snack time for everyone:

Napoleon enjoyed some ice cream and Rebel tried to absorb the tasty treat through osmosis.
I don't understand the logic either.

I also completed my Bad Kitty Scarf:

Internal Bad Kitty:

I can't believe how long I had that one on the needles. I feel a very good sense of accomplishment.

Tonight was great.
I enjoyed some Laura Croft.

I love how the story moves along in this game. The mode I am playing in also does not require me to jump and shoot at the same time......for the most part anyway.

We were finally given the return of Dexter. I love this show. This season will prove to be as good as last I'm sure. They have introduced some new characters and a great sub plot is in the making. I won't spoil it for you. It's difficult, but I will behave.
Speaking of good television.....
Has anyone heard anything about the series Sanctuary that will start on Friday? It is on the Movie Network. It looks like a witch and vampire type of series. I have marked it down on a post-it note so I won't forget to watch.
Hope the start of the week is pain free for you all. I'm not really sure how mine will shape. I guess I will just have to go with it.
Have a good night everyone.

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