Saturday, October 4, 2008

October Sky

We have had some very chilly weather this week. The skies have looked like something out of a movie, all dark and brooding.

Tonight however, was an awesome picture.

Since it was so chilly, we decided to stay in. I worked diligently on my Ziggy socks:

I have had to import the Baggy System because the strands get very tangled otherwise:

and Husband played Gods of War on PS2.

Napoleon was close by to supervise.

Let me share my little snack with you:

Ground cherries. They are amazing. You peel back the paper covering and inside is a very tasty little treat.

I've been listening to the radio a lot lately on my way into work. I'm very glad I started. There is a ton of new music out on the shelves. I picked up these on my outing today:

Next time, I will be looking for the Metallica, Econoline Crush, ACDC and Guns 'N Roses. I loved this group when I was in school. I have heard a few tracks and was quite happy and curious if they sound any different from how I remember them.

Well, I guess that is all my news for now. I am off to work on Ziggy for a bit before I decide to go to sleep. Have a great Sunday everyone!

1 comment:

Anne said...

Hi Jocelyn -- where do you get ground cherries???

Does that mean they've fallen to the ground?

They grown on the ground?

Missed you at sock club last Thursday!