Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Victory Is Mine

Or at least, almost mine. I have almost completed my sweater vest for my dad. It is a fancy little number in standard issue blue for men. God forbid you should introduce them to more colours. All that remains is sewing the zipper. I have to wait until I arrive at my Mom's for this. I just simply cannot look at this project anymore. I am really pleased with the results. I am just tired. There were a lot of hours that went into this garment because I found it was just not right.

Hubby proudly modeled it for me so I could take some pictures of it.

It is a snug fit on hubby, but it will be a perfect for my dad.

Brian (a.k.a. Brian) went to the market yesterday morning and look what he stumbled upon:

I had never seen red or white carrots until they made an appearance in my kitchen. I think they are really awesome and worthy of a painted dedication.

Napoleon was sneaky, and tried to stowaway in the environment friendly market bag. (also known as my work in progress bag).

Rebel just cannot fathom why Napoleon would ever want to leave the safety of our home.

I also have this little tune trapped in my head from the movie Southland Tales:

Ha ha ha<<<< evil laughter. Now you too will have this tune stuck in your mind. :)

I'm off to gather up my things for my road trip to mom's. I trust all is well with you?
Have a great day!


T. said...

I always detest sewing in zippers...and I usually do it wrong!

Jocelynn said...

my mom actually volunteered to sew in the zipper when she saw it. I did not object lol. Pesky things them zippers.