Friday, July 25, 2008


Today was the longest day ever!!!
My holidays officially started at 1601. Before I left work, I had to show a co-worker how to do my work. That was not fun. How do you explain how to be you? I just do what I do and it works for me. I have no real rhyme or reason. I just accept it.
To celebrate, hubby took me out for a lovely dinner. I also picked up my new glasses.
Head On View:

I'm slightly dazed from this pic. I still see the blurry green spots. I'm calling them green. I'm slightly colour-blind and that is colour I will assign these pesky spots.

Side View:

All Together Now:

Nifty eh? The way I see it,if I'm going to wear glasses for the rest of my life, (or until I have laser eye surgery, which makes me nervous), I might as well have fun with it.
Whoa. Looking at those pics, it's high time I visit the hair colour aisle. I got that nice inch of dark routes happening. It is funny though. When I was an infant until about seven, I had white blond hair. As I got more "mature" the colour darkened. I wonder why that is?
My plans for holidays? Nothing set in stone. I'm going to sleep late and maintain my vampire hours. I will visit with my friends and family, be all domesticated and sew new curtains. The ones currently hanging in the living room are scary. I refuse to show pics until I have a fabulous after picture.
I'm also going to catch up on quality television. I have so many shows that I'm really into: Flashpoint with Hugh Dillon. (lead singer from Headstones/actor, The Cleaner, (I'm willing to give this a chance), Saving Grace, (I love the theme song, it's by Everlast), Weeds, (how much can one woman experience, a hella lot according to this show), Project Runway, (I live vicariously through these designers) and whatever else may catch my fancy!
I'm off to find another rye. I will chat with you all later. Have a great night.

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