Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have been loving my holidays. I wake up whenever and do whatever. I love it!
Yesterday, I went to my Mom's. I gave my step father his vest. He loved it by the way. He wondered if I could put in snaps. Nope. No snaps. Have to settle for a plain old zipper. I didn't get the chance to sew it in. Mom said she would like to. She likes that part of the task, just not making the actually task. Works for me.

We sat out in their backyard. I wondered what on earth that was:

It is to ward off evil large birds from attacking Buddy. Apparently, he has had many close calls with large hawks.

And here is Buddy stalking some poor creatures:

Who remained on the fence, watching Buddy stalk them.

And here is Sneakers, watching the Buddy, watching the birds, watching Buddy.

And the cycle continues....

Today I visited with my friend and went into Toronto. We had a fabulous time. We ate at this restaurant right on Harbour front. For the life of me I can't recall the name. Food was excellent. The best was sitting on the patio watching all the people and boats go by.

I had no idea there was this air strip there. When the planes land, it sounds like thunder claps. Very cool to see them swoop so close to the water and touch down.

There were also these young guys skateboarding. One did not have that great a day. His board ended up in Lake Ontario.

What a cool day. I love taking pictures of anything. I like to just shoot and not worry about what I get in the picture. So here I leave you with some things I saw in the city today:

According the boys, it is bedtime.

I am off to explore the wonders of the Internet. Talk with you later. Night. :D

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