Thursday, June 19, 2008

Please Release My Yarn

I have found some yarn (no not in my stash), to make my Dad a vest for Father's Day/Birthday. It may be perceived as cheap, but it's much easier to find something really cool to celebrate both occasions. His birthday is only a few weeks after Father's Day. It's the same with my Mom. Her birthday is a few weeks earlier than Mother's Day. Unfortunately, progress has been halted. It would appear that this yarn is super comfy as a bed.

You will get this package when I am ready to give it to you!

Rebel is not happy he lost some of his bedding. This is his very serious ticked off look.

I thought the colours would work well for my Dad. The picture does not do the colours justice. It is actually a more blue tint than what my camera is showing. Most of the clothing he wears is the colour of mulch. I'm sure he will be pleased.
I'm trying to negotiate for the release of the rest of my yarn. It's not working. While I am negotiating with the super tough napper, Napoleon is hunting bugs. He just loves to follow it into exhaustion. I feel sorry for the little critters.

I've also been working on my top secret project:

You smart folks out there will probably guess the project. As long as I don't spill the beans, I'm sure we'll be fine. I absolutely love these colours. If I'm ever trapped in a snow storm, they'll know where to find me. I hope I didn't give away the secret.

I am looking forward to summer. Hopefully things will settle down at work and I get the tasks completed that was due in January.

Tomorrow is Friday thank goodness. I have nothing planned but some serious cleaning and perhaps some quality time with the video games. Hope you are all well.

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