Sunday, June 22, 2008

No Pink, But There Will be Purple!

I checked out my stash of hair dye. I have miscalculated the amount of pink dye I stored. I did however, find some ultra-violet. Guess what colour my hair is now?

I like the effect. I can hide it if I need to for whatever absurd work related reason. Most people are very OK with my odd choice of hair colour. I'm glad. I tend not to think of others when I do things for myself. I chose this bottle because of the name of the colour: Ultra-Violet. It reminded me of the movie with Milla Jovovich. The one line is what got me: "I can kill them". I love strong female leads.


Colour hidden.

I have done a little knitting this evening waiting for the dye to hold. It's amazing what you can accomplish when a cool movie is on. We were watching Conan the Barbarian tonight. Wow, Arnold looked young. I don't think he knew much of the English language when this was made. I think you can count on your fingers the amount of words he spoke.
I worked on my funky mittens but had to lay them aside because they make excellent pillows.

After my mitts were commandeered, I worked on my Berlin socks again.
Remember these:

I've done four repeats. I think now I will begin the heel. Before, I felt they were too short. I like a sock to have a bit of length to go over my ankle comfortably. Not much else happened this week end. It was very quiet. I enjoyed it so much because now with the summer holidays soon here, I will be on call more week ends because the other dispatcher goes for the month of July. I take my quiet time when I can. Hope you are all well.

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