Monday, June 16, 2008

Awesome Week End

I hate having to go to sleep on Sunday's. My brain just won't shut off for me to relax to actually go to sleep. I had a marvelous week end. I went with my friend to some very cool stores. (yarn stores of course!). The weather couldn't be better. We were expecting rain, but it never showed. It did make several appearances today. At this very moment we are getting a super cool lightning show. I hope I don't lose power before I finish telling you all what I did.

First we went to The Purple Purl in Toronto on Young St. The lady, Jennifer, was a very inviting hostess. You feel so welcomed as soon as you walk in. You sadly don't get that vibe in too many stores. Here are the treats I found there:

The electric colours are for a mitten pattern I'm pretty sure I can't tell you about. I'm not sure of the rules and I don't want to be the one to break them. All I can say is there is wonderful girl on Ravelry who was asking for some help to test out a pattern she made. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I think it's the colours that seal it for me. Those needles are fun. I just tried them out tonight. I wasn't sure how I would like them. I was worried about the joint between the bamboo and the connection to the wire. I thought they would snag, but so far so good.

The weather was most accommodating, making the drive to Brantford very pleasant.

There was quite a lot to see on the way up there. This store caught my eye.
Couldn't miss the pink building now could you?

I had a great time at this place.

There are two sisters who run the shop. Both are very helpful and knowledgeable of everything they have in there, and there is so much to look at. I had a very difficult time leaving. These are the treats that made it into my hands to the cash:

And they provide this tote to help you carry your stash. With the purchase of it, you get a discount for the year. Damn good deal I say.

I can't wait to start these projects. I'm seeing a top and lots of socks in my future. I will have all summer to work on these.

Everything was Napoleon and Rebel approved. I'm going to have to keep a strict eye on those two. The love to felt yarn. It's not intentional, they just love to lick things.
Napoleon is more of a hands on type of admirer. Rebel likes to admire from afar.

While I was away for the day, hubby told me he weighed the two of them. Napoleon is at 14lbs and Rebel has slimmed down a bit, 28lbs. The diet is working!

After we made it to the Scarborough Town Centre to the Knit in Public display.
I was glad to see all these knitters and crocheters about. We were given free yarn as a thank you for coming:

I might make a little sweater for the baby niece with it, not sure yet.
It means that this is a craft that is here to stay. It's not just something your grandmother does anymore. I still get those comments, but it's hard to take them seriously when I have pink hair and funky stuff on the sticks. I'll show you a picture of my pink hair later. The light is very poor here today with all the dark and rain we've had.
Hope you all had a great week end and Monday is not too rough for you all. Night.


Ada said...

I think you mean Bradford, right! :-)

What an amazing day! Love the photos of the sights & the esp. the yarn. Can't wait to see the top you make with that burgundy.

And your new hair colour will be so much fun for the summer!

Jocelynn said...

lol. yes Bradford. It's all a blur. Thank you so much for a great time. Couldn't ask for any better :)