Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have been on a serious sock binge as of late. I'm not sure what is going on in my brain that I must serve up this addiction. On the ravelry site, my friend showed me this group. Its a sock group. There is a pattern issued every two months. This one is Jacobean. I have just found the pattern. This week end I will search out my needed supplies.

Here are my Bartholomew's Socks:

I even managed to learn how to make a new heal. (or is it heel?) I think heal is to aid or cure and it is "heel" I want.

Tomorrow will be the start of March break for a lot of the schools in my area. This means that I will hopefully catch up on all the paperwork dating back to January. I am a naughty little filer aren't I?
We are also due another onslaught of snow. I say forget the truck. I am investing in a snowmobile; nevermind the smell of diesel. :)
I have made excellent progress on The Predator. I made it to chapter four. I rock!
I am off to play more playstation. Have a great night all.

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