Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Socks Are on the Way

I am starting to feel more myself. The week-end held more emotion than I was prepared to deal with. I have a very difficult time expressing grief. I aviod it whenever possible.When I get into that state, I just like to stay by myself. I try to keep my hands busy. If my hands are moving, then my thoughts are more focused.

I started a new project:

Cute Little Heart Socks
These are for our baby niece.

I made some more progress on my long socks:

Slowly, but surely, they will be born.

I do believe, I may have created a heel:

Perhaps even an arch:

I am looking out my window as I type this.
I believe the kiddies will have yet another snow day tomorrow.

I hope so, I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on.

I hope you all are keeping well.
Good night.

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