Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Frog It

I just cannot seem to make socks for little feet. They turn out miles to large. The poor little dear will swimming in them. I've frogged it three times so far.

Yarn : 3 Jocelynn: 0

I've decided to set the needles down. Back away real slow and turn to another addiction:

I love video games. This one in particular has got my utmost attention. Tricky little thing that it is, I hate to be outsmarted by a machine. I will however, be victorious.
Check out the new controller. It would seem the old one became an unwitting chew toy for someone cute and fuzzy. No. Not hubby. Think smaller. Four-legged. Yep. Napoleon. I have no idea what the attraction is to wires. I am thinking up new ways to try and make it look less tasty as I write this. Hmmmmmmm. Think. Think. Think. Nada.

I've also had to wake up a lot earlier for work. It is slowing draining away all of my creative energy. I suspect that is why I now have this "wonderful" cold.
Our mass amount of snow is supposed to be hitting the bricks this week. We are due for some rain. I wonder how many basements will be flooded? This is another reason why I like my little apartment. I live on high ground.
Take care all.
Good night.

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