Friday, May 13, 2016

Baby Pictures!

It is another one of those up before the ass crack of dawn mornings.
That is ok.
I was not able to sleep very well anyway.
Much too warm.
I am enjoying the last of my favourite tea, Sweet Almond Green Tea.
It has this scent that fills the kitchen as it steeps.
Jackie went outside to take care of business.
She spotted something interesting and was about to give chase when I bribed her with a cookie to come back inside.
I am not really in the mood to engage in any hot pursuits in my P.J's this morning.
I have nothing planned for this morning.
I'm going to make a Shepherd's Pie for lunch, watch a little television, knit, draw and off to bed.

Before I start my action packed day, I thought I would share a new photo of the baby Robins.
It is amazing how quickly they are growing.
Every day there is something new to be in awe of.

I'm very happy with the zoom feature on my camera.
It comes in handy in times such as these.

Have a good day everyone!

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