Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zombie Socks

My Zombie Socks are now complete!

I have just selected the yarn for my next carry around project, Day of the Dead Mittens.

While I am downloading season 4 of Nurse Jackie, I am busy working on The Light House Keeper's Wife.

Not an easy task in the hot summer months. It is like working under a blanket. I believe I said this before about large knitting projects and summer weather. You think I would learn by now, but I am a glutton for punishment. I have finished the vest version of this sweater and I am not really happy with the end result. I am going to add sleeves.

I have recently become interested in Bedlam. A very addictive British supernatural television show. I can add this show to yet another reason why I have difficulty going to sleep. I'm forever saying, Just one more episode. I have to see what happens next!

I have almost finished Monk's Travel Satchel.

I just have to finish the I-Cords.

I'm quite relieved that I my knitting mojo returned. This is actually the first time in about 8 months where I actually feel like I want to knit. I attribute this feeling to a few things. There are some really good shows on television at the moment. I cannot just sit and watch television. I have to do something be it drawing, knitting or cross stitching. Also, there are some very kick ass patterns available. I look at the pattern and get that, YES! I make that! Lastly, I have time. Things have settled down at work and at home for the time being. I can sit outside or in my favourite place in my home and just knit away to my heart's content.
I've just refilled my wine glass and have another episode of Nurse Jackie queued up. I'm going to watch this last episode, (yeah right) and then head to bed. Hope you are all enjoying the day. :D


-V said...

The bag is awesome!

I wish I could knit. I used to crochet a little bit, but haven't in QUITE some time.

Jocelynn said...

You are a head of me on that one. I do not crochet. lol