Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Brain... hurts...
This Daylight Savings thing kills me each year. It does not bode well with my vampire hours. As a bonus I am on holiday hours for work. So not only do I get the opportunity of being robbed of an hour, I get to go into work an hour and a half earlier. yea me...

This morning I realized my Mom is slightly twisted. She knows how well I wake up in the morning. When I answered the telephone, she was giggling on the other end.
Mom - Did you set your clocks ahead an hour?
Me - inaudible mumbling. Yep.
Mom- I just called to remind you. evil giggle
Me - It's ok. I did that before I went to bed this morning.
That is about all I could contribute to the conversation at 09h00/10h00
I think my fuzzy demon children are in cahoots with my Mom. They woke up unusually early as well, 07h00/08h00.
Hmmmmm. I suspect conspiracy.
Oh well. Maybe by this time next week I will have adjusted to the time change.

To celebrate Daylight Savings Time, I played my Dark Cloud 2 game for PS2, completed my socks:

Started Hitchhiker Scarf:

and stayed in my PJ's for the most part. I also finished watching the series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Excellent series.

Hope your Mondays work out for you all. I'm going to try my best and calm down so I can attempt to go to bed early. No. I don't see that working out either. Happy Daylight Savings everyone.

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