Sunday, August 1, 2010

I did stuff today

I woke up at my usual 13h00 time. This feels much better. That whole awake before noon concept was starting to bother me. I watched the neighbours from my balcony with a cup of coffee while reading and wondered what to do today. I like to start small on days like these.

I began with a bowl of soup:

We made this when my friend was over on Thursday. It was so freakin' cool. I had no idea my stove was capable of such feats.

While that was heating, I made chicken salad:

There are cut up bits of chicken, chopped celery and egg yolk in that mix. Cannot have egg white. We do not speak very well. That whole death deal that the egg whites have just puts a damper on things.

It's a good thing my supervisors were on hand to assist.

Who knows what shenanigans I would get up to.

In this mix is salad dressing(mayonnaise)and sweet relish.

Not much too it, but tasted very good!

Then if I wasn't domestic enough, I finished a sock.

Home and Hearth Eyelet socks from Cat Bordhi's book.

I think it's a pretty cool pattern. It reminds me of a spine.

I was finally able to get to my homemade ice cream, so I finished my day with a bowl of mint chocolate chip! We made this as well on Thursday. :)

Words cannot describe how good it is.

That was my day. I'm not sure what is on tap for tomorrow. I guess I will figure that out when I wake up tomorrow.

This is what I've been listening to while I wrote this. I find it catchy.

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