Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weird News Stuff

I'm at work at the moment and a bit frustrated with the little project I have been assigned, so I'm walking away and glancing at weird news stories. Quite a few have jumped to my attention. For instance, this one! If anything, I now have another reason to visit Australia. "Hundreds of seemingly drunk parrots are falling out of trees and the sky in a northern Australian town." Okay, you have my attention. The experts are suspecting some sort of plant that the birds have ingested. As a result of this article I can add another little tidbit of information to my status of guru of useless information, avian hangover food is fresh fruit and sweetened porridge.
This article was from a few days ago. Every season there is a bizarre fad that all the kids just go ape shit over. lol. This season apparently are Bandz. A simple, plastic bracelet in all sorts of colours and weird shapes. The main concern of the school officials are the distraction they provide during class. Yes, I can see how that would be true. You can also add into the mix all the "behaviour problems". For example ADD, depression, anxiety disorders, self image and so on and so forth. This is not really a fun line of thought. Let's switch back. Can you remember a trend that everyone was following when you were in elementary school? I can remember a couple. Good on me! The alcohol hasn't killed all the brain cells as of yet. We had jelly bracelets, thank you Madonna for wearing a ton that went from her wrist to her elbow. We also loved gimp bracelets! These were made with multi coloured plastic lace that you braided or wove together. This may have been the gateway to knitting for me.
I guess I should do this work thing now. I hope you are all have exciting Wednesdays!

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