Sunday, May 30, 2010

Artsy Stuff

In a few hours our week end will come to a close. That didn't last long. Mine felt like it was in hyper mode for the better part all thanks to this little gift from a youngster who comes into my office on occasion:

I haven't blinked in three days. Maybe she can introduce me to crack next :(

I love summer. It is only May here, (correction the end of May). Our weather is showing record highs that news people are explaining that we have not had since 1939. I love it. I have always been sun charged. I get a lot finished when the weather hits the high 20s.

I worked on my painting all week end:

I'm not sure if you can see a change, but I can. I've gone in and cleaned it up a bit. I have also tried to add some depth with some light and shadow. I am thrilled with the direction this work is taking.

I have also worked on my cardigan, but only after the sun set. I have no intention of working under a blanket in warm summer months........again.

I hope our summer weather stays with us for the season. I'm off to hang out on the balcony with the fuzzies and watch Sunday pass by. See you later.

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