Thursday, September 10, 2009

Icky Kind of Day

I wasn't feeling very well today. I am much better at the moment. As I wasn't in the mood to be terribly active, I was surfing the web. Wow. This is a bizarre little world isn't it? Just think, there are all sorts of people out there that share this world with us. I'm quite happy that they share their humour and ideas with us all. The Internet has made this so much more accessible, it's incredible. I am by no means a techie, but once in while I feel pretty awesome that I can find some of the bizarre and hilarious stuff out there and share with others.
This link I thought was just too cool for words. I don't see how you can think we are the only ones in the universe when there is all this activity taking place that most of us will never see. Who is to say that there is no life in other galaxies. Maybe that is why I'm so into Science Fiction. I just thought this images were beautiful.
Speaking of all sorts of people out there.....I'm not sure if I have shared this with you before or not. It made me spit out my rye so I thought it was worth a second gander.
There are all sorts of games we can play for hours on end. I found this version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I enjoy. I don't know if any of you played, pick your own adventures, but that is what this one is like.
The net also provides you with useful information. You never know when you will need to break out your trusty Latin to
Current English translation book. At least now, we will be prepared!
I like how a lot of sites just make you go What!?!?! If you are squeamish, I wouldn't click that particular link.
Ah well, I guess that is enough procrastination for now. I'm off to finish to my little project.
Have a good night everyone. In just a few more minutes it will be Friday.
Night :)

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