Monday, May 11, 2009

Troubles :(

I am having a very difficult time signing onto Yahoo at the moment. I don't like when a machine wins. :( I have tried to un-install, re-install, and then just for kicks do it all over again. The end result is........I'm using Pidgin. :) C'est la vie.

With all the icky weather, I've sort of lost my momentum.

This past week end, we had hail and torrential downpours. It almost restricted our movements. We still managed to rent a few movies:
The Spirit. If you enjoyed Sin City, you might like this one. It has similar graphics and the same creator, Frank Miller. I was introduced to Miller's work through the comic Daredevil. Leave it to say I'm biased. I will watch just about anything this man has created or has had a hand in.
Also, Bedtime Stories, which I unfortunately know nothing about because some strange little fingers had the made the disc unreadable to our PS3 :(.
Parents, guardians, please do not let little people touch things that has to do electronics. Especially if you do not own the electronics. I'm sure they have the best intentions, however, they tend to be sticky little people.
Lastly, The Day The Earth Stood Still. I am a big fan of Sci-Fi. This is like Close Encounters meets Fire in the Sky. I enjoyed it. :)

I'm still attending the gym, knitting, work, etc., I just wish for the warmer weather. I'm what I would like to think of solar powered. I just seem to keep going when I've been fully charged by the sunlight. I used to think the SAD concept was just an excuse. Over the years however, I notice a lot of those symptoms with me. My solution is to try and just get out into the sunlight as much as I can.
I thought I would leave you all with a picture I snapped before while I was waiting for my ride into the city:

I am off to work on a summer inspired knit project and catch up on the remaining episodes of Dollhouse. Have a good week everyone. :)

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