Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Icky :(

I once again find myself with a cold. This is not good. I suspect it is because my co-workers are experiencing this bloody so-called "change of life" and must maintain their workplace the temperature of a meat locker. So here I am, at home, watching the weirdness of furry kiddies.
This is Rebel's new place to hang out:

Every three weeks or so, Rebel likes to cycle through his favourite spots. Napoleon is not very fond of this place. Try as he might, he cannot penetrate the force and sneak in there beside Rebel. Rebel does not seem to mind. I believe it is the only place he can escape for a little bit.

Speaking of escapes.........
How is that for a transitional phrase?
I had to escape from my workplace for my lunch hour. I find that if I stay there, I get interrupted, frequently. Conversations start out something like this:
I know it's your lunch hour but....
Before you go to lunch, would you be able to...
etc etc...

I found this neat little park not far from where I work. It had wonderful scenery and was not very crowded. There was no one around. I had the place practically to myself.

Since I was home today and not feeling very motivated, I was looking at my Askew tank. It was not working for me. It is miles too short and tight. So, I ripped it apart and begun anew. I will just call the first version a draft.

I also decided to rip out my two socks at a time and try from the toes up. I have a better feeling about these ones as well. It is going way more smoothly the second time.

Rebel might be having a stressful week as well. I feel sorry for Hampton. He is looking a little violated.
I don't really want to explain their relationship. I believe the pictures do that justice.

It sort of looks like he is just giving Hampton a powerful hug.

Then you get closer and realize its with his sharp little toes and teeth.

I'm going to go veg over there and hope I feel better soon. Enjoy the long week end everyone.

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