Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Pick Me Up

We are scheduled to have quite a bit of rain this week. I am not looking forward to that as every time we have rain, people forget their driving skills at home. It takes me longer to get to my destinations. Not that I am complaining of the driving, just I prefer the actual movement of the vehicle.

I'm probably just being all negative because we were spoiled with such lovely weather over the week end. The temperature was around 20 degrees. Just enough to give us a taste of warmer weather to come.

As I was waiting patiently for the traffic in front to move so I could make my turn, I noticed something:

I had written on myself and it wasn't even 09:30 yet!

How impressive is that?

This got me to thinking that perhaps other people have not had their day start just the way they wanted it to. Perhaps you would like a little chuckle as well? I found this ages ago. It was a blurb on the opening screen of my Hotmail account. You know the ones I mean right? They show these "interesting" little stories that have taken place amongst the rich and famous. Anyways, this one caught my attention and I thought I would share it with all of you:

Elmo is not usually one of my favourite characters. After watching this bit however, I may rethink that idea.
Have a good night everyone. Hopefully the rain won't impede your plans for the week.

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