Saturday, April 18, 2009

Awful Quiet in Here.....

I have always worked best at night. It feels like I have the entire world to myself. I can work on whatever what my little heart desires and not worry about any sort of interruption. Even the kiddies are asleep.

This is Rebel's spot at for the moment:

He seems to rotate his favourite spots every two weeks. Last week it was on top of my gym bag.

Napoleon is also tuckered out from whatever he did today.

I find it best if I don't know.

I was at home for about 30 minutes before I went to go pick up Husband at the gym. While I was checking my emails and looking at weird and interesting things online, the two of the them were tearing down the hall and jumping into the tub. I suspect they enjoy the loud thump. It is something to behold. Perhaps if I learn how to work the movie function on my camera, I can attempt to capture it.

As promised, here is my first completed Entrelac Sock.

I am really pleased with this. I worked on it steady this night while watching Being Erica on Surf the Channel. I like this show. I know I'm late to coming around, but so far, I love the concept. A thirty something who feels she has made too many mistakes in life. She has a ton of regrets and is given the opportunity to see if things would be different if she made other choices. I hope the show gets a second season.
I think I'm off to cast on the mate to the sock. Enjoy the week end everyone. I will check back soon. :)

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