Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've started my Entrelac Socks using my Noro yarn from my stash. I thought woohoo, the pattern that the International Sock group on Ravelry actually has Noro in the title. It must be fate. I must use my Noro and embrace the awesome colours. I am really excited about these socks. Unfortunately, I've hit a barrier. I'm stuck.

I followed my instructions as best as I could understand and here I am:

I have a lovely cuff and a row of triangles. At least they are colourful triangles.

I have decided at the early hour of 01h30, to put down the socks, walk away slowly and start something else until my attention span returns to last longer than that of a fruit fly. I am now starting my Askew tank. I found the pattern from the Knitty site.

I am using my Blue Sky Apalcas's Apalca & Silk from my stash. This feels so soft. I'm really enjoying how it moves through my fingers as I knit away and watch my remaining episode of Dollhouse. I really hope they do not cancel this show. The television programs I really enjoy always seem to disappear. (sad thoughts of New Amsterdam and High Incident circling around in my mind as I type this:()

We went shopping for a few items today. At the superstore, we found this:

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring it home. It was marked down to nine and some change. I tried doing some of the ball exercises at the gym. I did enjoy them. They were something I had not experienced before and gave me great satisfaction when I finally achieved the positions. The only problem is that the timing. When we finally get to the gym, there is always a class taking place which uses the balls. At least this way, I can do them in the privacy of my home watching something other than Sex in the City. That seems to be the only thing playing on one of the televisions at the gym. The other t.v.'s always seem to show poker. Thank goodness for the Ipod.
I'm going to look for some tutorials on Entrelac. Have a good night everyone.

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