Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today was quite stressful. It was our annual voyage to the vet. Rebel and Napoleon were due for their vaccines. This is always an event to behold. It is a day filled with suspense, drama, action and adventure. First I do my prep work. I find the carriers, and leave them out so that the cats can familiarize themselves with their mode of transportation. This is the easy part. Napoleon even climbs into and naps in his.

When he is not resting, he is living as his alter, Demon Kitty.

Rebel remains elusive. There is no photographic evidence to be had of his familiarization.

The next day, appointment day, is filled with battle and intrigue. Every year, I try different methods to make this as painless as possible, (for me). The best I have found is to load Rebel first. I bring the carrier to him and hope for the best. It always ends the same. A lot of fur flying, screaming, (mine) and hissing, (Rebel's). After all is said and done, I have to change my clothes. It looks like I have been in a bar fight. Once Rebel is safely tucked away, I work on Napoleon. He is a little easier as he is normally found playing in his carrier.

I sort of imagine their dialogue to go something like this:
R: What are you in for?
N: I'm not sure. I'm not going to admit anything until I narrow down the offenses.
R: I bet it's for chewing through the cable cord again.
N: You think so? I was leaning towards hiding the remote control.

Today's visit brought us amazing news. Over the past year, Rebel has slimmed to a lean and mean 25lbs. That means he lost 3lbs. I'm one very proud mom.

This couldn't have been possible without the help of his personal trainer.

Unfortunately, Napoleon is still a little dazed and confused. He does not do well with his vaccines. They make him quite sleepy and grumpy. He should be back to normal tomorrow.

Way to go Rebs!! We are so proud of you.

When we arrived home again, I worked on a little sweater for a special person. Baby Om is finally complete and none too soon as the new owner arrived on March 11, 2009. :D.

All I need to do now is block it and ship it.
Front view:

Back view:

In our travels on Friday, we came across a great sushi place. We had one in our town which was totally awesome. The food was always prepared so well and was so tasty. I find with sushi, it can be really good, or plasticy. Unfortunately, that location is no more. We have been on the hunt for a substitute for quite some time. I believe we finally found one! The name of this super cool place is Daiichi Japanese Restaurant. Their presentation is almost as good as the food they offer.

I hope you are all enjoying the week end. I'm off to watch another movie and see if I can settle down to sleep a little. Have a good night everyone.

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