Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've Got Drugs in My Pocket.....

Day 2 of Husband's predicament is going well.
The swelling has gone a bit. Apparently that is why the doctor drew on his leg. I find this very reassuring.

The cats are also dealing with this new situation quite well. Since Husband is not doing the main meal preparation, I've had to learn where the oven is. I have finally located it to be in the kitchen. Imagine my surprise. Before we were married, I lived on my own for quite a few years. I was able to provide myself with nourishment. Granted, it was not the calibre that Brian provides, but still, they were meals with vegetables and meat. I think the cats are just surprised. They do not really see me in that room unless I'm fixing myself a drink or making toast.

I did a little bit of knitting today while waiting for the iv to finish doing its thing at the clinic. I worked on those neato torpedo mitts I showed you the other day. Actually, I think it was yesterday. I had to put them down though because I had neglected to bring something along to hold the thumb stitches. I could have MacGyvered something, but I just did not have the imagination today. So, I finished my little part on the Travelling Scarf:

Just in time too because I had received another one in the mail to start:

I really like the colours of this one. They are all so bright and the stitches people chose are awesome. I hope mine returns to me like this one. It's just so much fun and I believe a true representation of the knitters that contributed. The lady whose scarf this one belongs to gave all of us carte blanche with regards to what she wanted. This gives me great pleasure as that is what my suggestions were when I sent mine on its merry little way.
I'm actually tuckered out. I'm off to bed. Good night everyone.

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