Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Love The Scent of FO's in the Wee Hours

With a little help and encouragement from loved ones, it is amazing what you can do in a few days.
I have an awesome drink on hand:

It's called a French Kiss. If you are interested, leave a comment, I will send the details.

Coupled with some good tunes:

I have seen this group live. They are amazing. Bif puts on a great show. It's full of energy and attitude.
Mix together,

End result is a smiling man with a kick azz scarf:

I'm just looking outside the window as I type along to the beat. We may get a snow day tomorrow:

I hope I can find my truck in the morning:

Have a good night everyone. I'm going to try and settle down so I can sleep a little tonight.

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