Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bit of This, Little of That

I feel quite accomplished today. I sat down. I picked a brush. I picked up some needles. I also picked up the remote control. At the moment, I am currently picking up a glass a rye. It has a been a good day.

First we start with a wash:

I just hate to see a white canvas, (rather an off white canvas).

Next I attempt to sketch in where I think I will have things situated.

The more difficult part I find, is waiting the few days for things to dry so I can better attack my idea without it turning into an interesting mud colour.

I have also been trying to fix my lily painting. I refuse to lose to a painting. I will be victorious, or destroy all evidence that I tried.

It's a work in progress, don't judge......please.

When I picked up the sticks, I worked on the baby niece's sweater:

I like this one very much. There is very little seaming. For the most part, it is knit in the round. You just divide the stitches for the front and back, and later work in the sleeves. Well, that is the theory.

We went on our walk tonight and stopped Main St. Yarns and picked up some yarn that I had neglected to earlier from the sock club. I'm a bad traveler :(

Rebel seems to favour this one:

And while we sleep, we have our little guardian on deck to make sure we are safe.

Somehow, I do not really find this comforting. It explains the weird bed head when I wake in the morning.
I'm off to finish my drink and surf the net. I hope you all have some cool plans for the week end. Even if it just involves housework and a time for yourself. Night everyone. :)

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