Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mall Rat

I am an aging mall rat. For those of you unfamiliar with the term:
homo erectis drawn to its own ilk, who frequent establishments conducive to the obtainment of goods and services. Primary goal is consumerism or to be a voyeur in the midst of consumers. It's natural habitat is loud, colourful, filled with a multitude of consumerism. It is drawn to artificial lighting, and odours from the food courts or mid mall snacking vendors. It will lose track of time easily and readily. It can disappear easily into the abyss of shoppers and displays for hours on end only to reappear in search of nourishment. It can travel in schools or as sole individuals in a never-ending quest for the next unique article. It's superior knowledge of trends and cult lore is bottomless and fueled by those in it's school. It's lifespan is usually from that of 12 to 18 years of age, however it has been known to start at an earlier age and extend well into senior years.
-made popular by the movie, Mallrats, directed and written by Kevin Smith, released October 20, 1995.

You what I noticed today at the mall? Well too bad. I'm going to share regardless :). The senior citizens and the teen age groups wear very similar clothing. Have I mentioned this before? Both groups are prone to wear plaid and baggy clothing; Both have ear devices, albeit for different reasons; Both linger at the food court well past the allotted pointed time on the signage; Both appear to be there everyday. I could probably go on about the similarities, but I worry about revealing too much of myself.
Today was the day the husband and I designated as "shopping for the Christmas festivities". I won't lie, it was an utter hell of an excursion. The lines were worse than the ones at Wonderland for Drop Zone. I have discovered that my ultimate pet peeve are those that linger in the aisle, leaving their cart unattended, talking loudly into their cell phone about a useless topic, all the while ignoring the common courtesy to let others get by for fear that the other person would steal whatever they are vainly searching. I have also discovered that colouring books are far and few between. The technology of crayons has also increased ten fold. I was way out of my element today. I was victorious. I found what I was searching for, and then some!

Okay, that sounds way too negative. Let's change topics.

Friday was a good night. We watched Cloverfield. A very minding bending, sci-fi thriller. At the start of the movie though, I thought my cable was out.

That was the image on the screen for the first few minutes. When you have gone through as many televisions as I have, you get a scooch paranoid. It had a good plot though. I liked how the viewer sees it all through a camcorder. Reminded me of Blair Witch Project. I won't say too much more. I do not wish to spoil it for those who have not seen it yet.

We also had Thai food and this to drink:

It is a Pelee wine, called fittingly: Pelee Bird, Sauvignon Blanc. not that I always select wine based on the awesome labels, but this one is cool, (and it wasn't me who picked out this one due to the cute label;) ).

First the bird sees the drink, tastes the drink, then the drink wins. I love it. It's quite tricky to take a picture of something shiny. This was the best I could do:

I also worked on some very small mittens. I found not too many patterns for mittens to fit a 3 year old hand. This was strictly improvisational.

This is the yarn I used. It was a great deal at Zeller's and according to the label, 100% wool. Now that I think of this, it will probably felt. This may prove interesting.

The yellow piece of yarn is my waste yarn holding the stitches for the thumb.

The very tiny mitten emerges:

Complete with Idiot string.

I don't mean that to be offensive. That is what we used to call the cord that attached the mittens together and ran through the sleeves of our coats so we wouldn't lose them in our efforts to build the better fort.

Well I have rattled on for enough this evening. Actually, it is now the early hours of the morning and I still am not sleepy. I suspect I was overstimulated with my quest for the perfect colouring book and crayons. I hope you all enjoy the holiday shopping and I wish you all the strength and endurance to survive.

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