Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

I had an excellent week end. I finally finished my curtains. It only took a few months:

I had also finally gotten around to removing my Hallowe'en decorations. I thought it best I put away the skeletons (or knit them scarves and toques so they can be festive skeletons) when I discovered this:

It would appear one has been tragically maimed.

The list of suspects is short, but confusing as both appear to have alibis and were at separate ends of the room at the time:
Suspect 1:

Suspect 2.:

We had a lovely meal tonight:
My dinner:

Husband's dinner:

I know, I know....Mine are always a bit more to the plain side. I just like meat on mine. :)

This wine went awesome with the meal.

It was also a great buy. I believe it was under $10.

After supper, we ventured out for a walk. We saw some great Christmas light displays:

This one was my favourite for the night:

I know there are no festive lights on this tree. I just liked how there were still leaves left on it when the rest of the foliage were naked.

It's hazy because my breathe got in the way of the shot. It was bloody cold out tonight.

This one threw me off a bit. It looked like the head of reindeer when I drove by. Upon closer examination, it's a trumpet blowing angel!:

This the building we live in. No, our unit is not seen from this vantage point. :)

These are my walking shoes. Surprisingly, they are quite warm. I suspect it is because they keep me off the ground a few inches.

We may look like dorks, but we are warm dorks! :)

I'm off to continue raiding tombs with Lara. I wish you all a good night and we will speak again soon!


Ada said...

Those pizzas look so good!!

blidstone said...

i was not warm i was a cold little dork. and yep the pizzas are homemade