Monday, September 22, 2008

Got a New Bag and Pair of Socks

I love my week ends. It is always a mini holiday for me, well for the most part. This week end I feel like I actually did something. When Husband and I were walking through the mall (a very dangerous shortcut), we stumbled upon this little gem:

It is the perfect size to fit my work gear.

and a cat or two,

My other purse (luggage) was beginning to look diseased. It was peeling, holes were forming, and was missing the zipper. It had a good life, but it was time to put it out of its misery.
This one looks to be quite durable. It's fabric is a poly-blend of some sort. It is also kitty approved.

I felt so productive. I had completed the Smelly Socks. They look just like the book. I'm so impressed with myself.

I am now able to focus my attention on the next pair of socks from the Ravelry group:

The beginnings of Ziggy.

I also finished a book I was reading, The Mistress in the Art of Death. I have started another:

I love sci-fi, witch and vampire stories, especially when the lead character is an ass-kicking woman. I'm also a sucker for a good picture on the cover. I know I should not judge a book by its cover, but it does get my initial attention.

While I was knitting up a storm, Husband baked muffins!!!

I've said this before, I absolutely hate cooking or baking or anything involving the stove. He loves it. So, he cooks, I enjoy. It's a win-win don't you think? Those are blueberry by the way. I think tomorrow will be chocolate chip cookies!

While all this domesticity was going on, I am now a brunette. The box said Honey Blond. It lied. Badly.

Not a great picture, but it was midnight. I'll take a better one a little later. I keep jumping when I see my reflections in the mirrors. I'm just not used to it. I do like it though. At least my clothes do not clash like they did when I was a red-head.

On our walk yesterday, we noticed these little guys mucking about on the sidewalk. We had never seen them before. If any of you know what they are, can you please let me know? I found them quite interesting.

They were like amped up ants on a mission.

I think I have filled you all in on what is going on in my little world for the time being. I'm off to enjoy my snack:

I hope Monday wasn't too harsh for any of you. Have a great evening.
P.S New episode of CSI Miami!!! We get to maybe see what in the world is going on with Horatio.
Night all.

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