Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not a Heck of Alot

I'm not sure what to make of my day. My co-workers, who are normally quite catty, were very pleasant to me. I'm on edge now. Maybe they know something is in the works. Hmmmmm. Quite possible I am just paranoid. It is a state I'm familiar with.
I noticed today, that I am unsure of how to spell "toque". In case I am incorrect: warm wooly hat, usually knitted, worn on head in sub zero temperatures to keep the heat and brain activity under your skull. I am quite fond of these as I like to try and contain my brain activity.
I have decided to venture out of my apartment this week. On Thursday, I will be going to the local yarn shop to officially sign up for a sock class. I telephoned today to ask if she could kindly reserve a spot for me as my hours at work make it impossible to get there before she closes. I am very stoked. I only really know the basic sock pattern. There are no flares or pizazz. Just honest good lookin' socks. These socks of mine do bring me much happiness.
On Saturday, big night here, I am attending a work thing. A Valentine's dance to be more exact. Hubby and I will be dressing to the nines, (okay, the 7's). I don't want to over dress. I work with these people. I want to keep rumours to a minimum. I do like a little talk, but not enough to halt my work. I don't want to blend either. When I am feeling brave, I will snap some pics of us. I am very shy when it comes to taking my picture. I absolutely hate it. There are so few pics of me, many thought forever that hubby was single as there were no pics of this so-called wife. Rest assured, I do exist.
Still working on my socks and toque for my friend. I am on a slow and steady pace. I don't want to rush but enjoy every minute. I love knitting. It is something I do to keep my mind less buzzy. Hubby says he can hear me whirring. I hope that means I am a thinker.
I started playing Mario Galaxy tonight. I can see myself disappearing off the map for a while. This game is way too addictive. Maybe next time hubby can introduce me to crack. I think it would be less addictive. (Just kidding, please don't lesson me on the dangers of drugs. I promise to stick to booze and the usual assortment)
Nothing else really happening tonight. I trust you are all well. If you live in the GTA (around Toronto) be careful. Apparently, we are in for some weather.
Take care all. :)

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