Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm A Little Icky

I am a bit under the weather. I have managed to catch a cold that has been circulating around work. I also shared this horrible state with hubby. Sorry hubby :(
On another sad note, tomorrow will be a lady I work with last day. She joined our office from a temp agency. I am sorry to see her leave. I have really enjoyed her working with me. She has a similar quirky sense of humour. As a going away gift, I knit her some long fingerless gloves. She was saying the other day how she would like some. I can totally understand why. You can hang meat in our office environment. No, I do not work in a butcher shop. Anyway, here are the gloves I made (or at least one). Do you know how tricky it is to snap a pic of your own arm? I took the pic from a lot of different angles. These were the ones I found not to be too odd:

This is my slayer pose.

I know. It's such a weird angle.

The yarn was super soft. Unfortunately, I don't know what kind it is. I inherited from my mom-in-law. I know it is some form of acrylic, but that is all I can you.
I also went last night to get my eyes checked. I knew my prescription was long overdue. I had no idea how much. They way she explained it to me was: I was at 2.25, now I am at 4.50. WOW!
I am blind, but only until next Wednesday. Then I get my cool new specs! When I finally acquire them, I will show you some specs.
My cold has got me down. I'm off to find more drugs. Take care all.

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