Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Spirit

It's around here somewhere. I might have packed it up with the tree last year.
Just have to search a little longer.
December has already began oddly weather-wise.
We have snow, then rain, then snow and well, look at that, rain again.
We try not to let it get us down.

We made an apple pie with the Honey Crisp apples we picked in September.

Now we will clean up a bit before we go out to mail our Christmas cards and parcels.
Jackie has picked up her things,

And Napoleon is supervising the battlefield.

For now we are all just trying to keep busy. Not worry about the stress to come with the holiday season.
Jacob has actually started a video blog. He loves gaming. Especially Minecraft. He would like to try and expose a new audience to the game.
So here is his new channel, about Minecraft and other things.
Welcome to my Channel

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