Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

What an exciting time!
Even Jackie had a bath to help celebrate.
Well, that is not entirely true.
We keep Jackie upstairs in the bedroom behind closed doors.
That many trick or treators that come to the door would do her little head in.
The bath was to help do away with the itchies she had been experiencing.

Now we are a little bit more hyper as opposed to calmer. I have no idea what they put in that dog shampoo.
The weather was absolutely perfect.
There were clouds, but not the ones that threaten rain as we have had for the past two weeks.

A perfect night for ghouls and goblins.

The marionette was able to escape her puppeteer and shell out candy.

Dark Link jumped out of the video game to hold perfectly still in our world and scare the living bejeebus out of people as they passed by.

A giant scarecrow took his job a little too seriously and scared anyone or thing that walked onto the property.

It was a really horrific scarecrow.

There were a lot of screams this year. A lot of screams!
It was a great time celebrated by lots of chocolate and stickers.
The only down side were the amount of parents staring at their cell phones.
In one instance, a Mom was so into whatever she was looking at, she lost sight of her children.
Thankfully the scarecrow had them in his sights and was able to direct a very frantic mother in the right direction.

Now all the spiders and skeletons, all of the ghosts and cobwebs have been put away for another year.
I hope you all had a great time!

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