Friday, April 15, 2016

Let's Celebrate

Spring has sprung!
About time eh?
I put my little citrus tree on the patio this morning.
I'll re-introduce him to natural daylight slowly.
I have no idea if this is necessary.
I just know from personal experience that I prefer to have things, places, ideas, everything introduced to me gradually.

My crocuses are also making their yearly appearance.

So has this little fellow:

I have no idea who or what he is.

I also tried or I should say, re-tried my hand at colour.
This is my first draft, Strawberries. Pencil crayon.

I'm going to binge watch Salem and work my knitting for a while. My hands need a tiny break from all the fine detail.

I hope you are all well

1 comment:

Wendy Bayford said...

I love seeing the first signs of spring it makes me so happy! Your drawing is beautiful I fancy a bowl of strawberries now!