Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Hunt Begins

After a mani-pedi
We have a squatter in our midst.
He (or she, I respect their privacy) is a clever little thing.
He managed to climb up to the top shelf in our pantry and liberate a graham cracker.

He didn't even eat a hole in the box. He managed to climb inside, drag it out and knock to the floor.
We only found it because he was unable to push it through the little hole in the back of the pantry.

Reno is very excited about the hunt.
He has been unwavering in his guard post just outside the pantry doors.
We do not want a repeat of last year's adventure with his urinary infection so we are keeping a close eye on him to make sure he does not open those doors.
Just to be on the safe side, we have trimmed his nails/weapons of destruction.

I don't like this one bit.

Do you see what he is doing? Are you allowing this?

Now how will I catch that mousy?

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