Thursday, October 2, 2014

Too Much Adventure

Well, this would be the second morning in a row that I have provided the neighbours with entertainment. Thank you Jackie.
She is a sneaky little creature. Nothing like a brisk morning jog in your bathrobe to get the heart pumping.
She leads you to believe she has to go outside for a personal moment. Then lulls you into a false sense security.
Jackie starts making her way towards to the back veranda doors. Then, BAM, takes off after the collection truck.
There is absolutely no convincing this pup that refuse collector is allowed to take our bins at the end of the driveway.
She ignores your lines of reasons and continues to follow the truck in all her barking glory which is amplified by the cone of the shame.
I guess all that morning calisthenics has tuckered her out.

I haven't even bothered to take the leaves out before ushering her inside.

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