Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Few More Nights

When I was a child, the couple of nights we had to wait for Halloween to arrive was the longest. I think I found it more excruciating than Christmas. Actually, I still the wait difficult. It is my favourite holiday. I believe Halloween is the only holiday that is actually geared towards children. Christmas is more of a family, stressed induced panic. You have these head games going on. So and so gave me this last year, I must find something of equal or greater value. We must invite Aunt B and Uncle F. The rest of family will think horrible thoughts if we fail to do so. Those thoughts are probably why I have no problem working during the Christmas season.
Halloween is a whole other bag of tricks. Children dress up as whoever or whatever they desire. You get be someone else for a night and no one will question you and suggest you need therapy. You can let all your creative juices flow. You can be THAT house on the block and it is perfectly acceptable. There are still one-upmanship. I have a couple of houses on my street that try to outdo each other every year, but the children actually benefit.
I love getting dressed up and scary the little ones that come to the door. My husband takes it to another level and tries to scary them before they even get to the driveway. It gives the kids stories to tell the next day as they sway their candy. Tonight we will watch scary movies, carve up our carefully selected pumpkins and put the finishing touches on our costumes. the excitement is getting pretty high. Even the dog is wondering what is happening. This year Little Man actually asked if I could make his costume. He saw how much his father and I had last year and wanted in on the preparation for this year. What is even more awesome, he is having a costume contest at school. This would the first year for this event. A new principal, a new set of ideas. I'm happy about these changes. I believe it promotes the idea of an open mind.

When I am not heavy into prep work, I'M just tooling around the estate. I have been working on a sweater for me.

It has been a very long time since I knit anything with black yarn.

I cleaned up the last of the peppers for the season:

With all the leaves falling and the colours and smells changing,

Jackie has been having a field day.

So much so, she has had quite a few baths lately.

I don't even want to know what she rolled in the last time.

I'm off to veg in front of a horror movie with my partner in crime.
I hope you all have a great day!

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