Monday, August 4, 2014

Status: Almost Complete.

The Little Man's room is almost complete.
I just need to add the finishing touches, like drapes, wall plates, pics....

We installed a floating floor:

We were looking for a colour that was rustic but, fairly light in colour.

I finished putting up a decal this morning, after coffee:

It was a little tricky to get all of the sticker off of the back, but the end result is fantastic.
I found that particular wall decal at this etsy shop, Creative Wall Decals.
It is just such a fun detail that I do not have to paint by hand. It has me thinking about other possible options in other rooms....

Finally, the almost finished result:

I know the colour choices are not for everyone, but we are extremely happy with the results. As long as the young man sleeping in the room is happy, all is right in our world!

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