Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Search Continues.

I have been trying to find a certain lavender plant. It is not the bush form that you see at most garden centres. It is more in the form of s tree. I had purchased one last year but it did not survive the winter. I suspect because I failed to winterize the poor thing. The last few weeks I have been visiting a lot of garden centres, Home Depot, Jardin Serres Savrevois, etc etc etc. My next stop will be this week end at the local Wal-Mart.
My search has not been in total vain. I have found some rather interesting plants along my merry way.

This is a Patio Citrus plant.

I can bring this plant inside during the cold winter months.

Another Lily to keep the existing one company!

I found another climber.

It is a passion flower of some sort.

For my next addition to the garden I would like to find a Green Man to help the spirits of my plants.

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