Friday, April 29, 2011

Everything is Well

I`ve gone to work for three days now and I am really enjoying the experience. It is overwhelming as there is so much information that many people are trying to explain to me in French and in English. Night shift truly agrees with me. It fits in with my natural sleep schedule. My clients are doing their best to teach me various phrases. My boyfriend`s children are also trying to teach a few words as well. They are super great kids. I just hope they are teaching me the proper words. :P The cats are adjusting nicely. I think Rebel is trying to explain to his new fuzzy brother how best to deal with Napoleon. It really looked like they were having a tete a tete the other evening. I have an additional body following me into the washroom as well. I now have a full staff of cat body guards.
We had one wicked rainstorm yesterday. The normal two feet rivers became ten and I`m not even exaggerating. If my camera would only make an appearance, I would show you.
There are still a ton of boxes to go through. It is like Christmas for the children. They have no idea what will pop out of the next box. How can one grown woman have so many comics, video games and consoles?
I have three more shifts of work than I`m off for two days. Maybe then I can sort out the rest of my boxes. Have a great Friday night everyone.

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