Saturday, February 26, 2011

Proper Motivation

I accomplished quite a bit today. Apparently, I just needed the proper motivation!
Someone has gone back on a deal that was made verbally. This has upset me a fair deal. No worries though. Things always come back on you. I'm a big fan of Karma. :) When I'm upset, I might dwell for a bit. Then I dust myself off and formulate a plan or just keep busy until a plan develops.

I finally finished my love seat.
It used to look like this:

The fabric was all loose. It looked like a slip cover.

Then Napoleon "helped" me fasten the loose fabric under the love seat. Now it looks like this:

Napoleon approves.

I also worked on my sock:

I'm so sorry. I have lost the instructions and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this pattern. I will go through my archives so I can give the creator the proper courtesy they deserve. Ha! My yarn choice matches my pj's. I had no idea until I just looked at this photo. :)

Here is a close up of the pattern:

Pretty cool eh?

I've also been taking my aggression out on monsters and playing Dark Cloud 2.

The aspect of this game that I really love is that you build items. It is very similar to the first of this series. Maybe it's the nesting aspect of my personality that really draws me to these games. The story line is also amazing to boot.

Well I've settled down quite a bit now. I'm going to harvest things on Farmville and continue to watch the snow fall.

Enjoy the rest of your week end everyone :)

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