Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Need a New Cyclopes

I've been home sick for two days. I don't know what's wrong. I'm thinking just a bad mix of allergies and a flu bug. Maybe my body is telling me to slow down for a little bit? At any rate, I am feeling miles better today. I kept water down which I believe to be a good sign. So it is back to work tomorrow :D
I have had the pleasure of my crack medical team to supervise me:

Mom! You all right?

Hey Napoleon! What should we do with her?

Hmmmm. Let's just observe and report for now.

Hey Rebs? You think this will affect dinner time?

Not sure Napoleon. If she doesn't come to at 17h58, we will poke her with a stick.

I did come to. I have also enjoyed a nice cup of coffee this morning. That is when I realized I should be hunting for a new favourite coffee cup.

I have had Cyclopes now for a few years. I'm concerned he won't be around for much longer.

Might have to rechristen him Chip.

He is the best! He holds two cups of coffee. This means less trips up on Saturday mornings to that kitchen place. I will just have to keep my eyes open for a suitable replacement.

I was able to do quite a bit today. I settled on the sofa to watch some movies and work on a few projects:

I completed a large chunk out of my cross stitch:

It is called Colourful Night Cat, designed by Vivienne Powers. The pattern is from Cross Stitch Gold, Issue 22

I also finished my circle socks:

I've caught up on a lot of my favourite shows, Sanctuary and Spartacus; Blood and Sand mainly. Not bad for a sickie eh? Well, I'm off to watch Aeonflux and try to stay awake so I can sleep better tonight. Happy Wednesday all. :)

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