Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Little World

Is filled with a lot of sugar and a lot of other goodness.

My friend came by Saturday and left this wonderful treat:

Makes an awesome breakfast! Carrot cake with icing :). I had to fight the cats to enjoy my slice.

Drivers at work seem to notice that I function miles better when I have sugar. Someone kindly provided me with these:

I haven't blinked now for four days. O_O

I was invited to a BBQ on Sunday, but it was canceled due to whatever reason. This gave me some personal time I was craving. I know I live alone. This should provide me with lots of "me" time. It sadly doesn't. When I arrive home from work, I just do not want to do hardly anything. I go on my elliptical machine, eat some supper, do a bit laundry, watch a little television....but I don't really concentrate on me. During all these activities, I think about my day, what so and so said or did. So Sunday was a wonderful treat. I woke up around 14h00. I stayed in bed and read a little of my book. I wandered over the shower. Had a very long cup of coffee and just thought about what I would like to do at this point. You know what is funny? I like what I'm doing now. I am not looking to change anything up for the time being.

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