Monday, February 15, 2010

I Made Muffins....O_O

Don't worry Martha, you're still safe as domestic queen. I'm liking these easy to follow packets.

Not sure about the trans fat thing though.

I prepared all my ingredients....

Read the instructions again, and again, and again....

How long are you supposed to preheat your oven for?

I also thought 17 - 19 minutes was pretty specific.

So there is all the stuff mixed in:

Looks like pre-muffin stuff.

The hardest part so far is getting all the gooey stuff into the tray.

I did something right. Something is happening...

Voila! Muffins:

They turned out a bit darker than I think they are supposed to be.

Maybe next time I lean more towards to 17 minutes instead of 19.

This was going through my head the whole time of this operation. Its that one line about bluffin with her muffin....:P

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