Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ever So Slowly

This is starting to resemble a home. I cleared away more boxes; found some homes for some other items and moved my bed to the other wall. I just cannot sleep facing any other direction. I'll know if it's in the right spot tomorrow morning. I think I spent the majority of last night trying to figure out which direction my bed faced. I also pretended to "drive" my bed from the old apartment to the new one. For example, I travel north, west, north, east, south, etc., etc.... I'm a blast at parties.

I also prepared my supper and my lunches for the next few days. Would you like to see?
Too bad, I'm showing you anyways...

I had this to drink:

Here is my progress so far:

It might not look like much, but I can now access the balcony, so that is progress!

Can you spot the Furries?

That is pretty much all for today. I'm going to watch some sort of made for TV movie. Night everyone :)

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